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Even as a young child I would conjure up stories with my imagination, sharing them with anyone who was around to listen. I’ve developed my storytelling and writing quite a bit since then, but the essence of creativity and entertainment I began with as a kid has remained a major influence on my work. 
By day I am an Early Childhood Educator in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Working with children ensures that I will never truly have to grow up. 
I have a number of other talents and interests, please read on to learn about my other accomplishments.



Growing up my favourite game was dress up. After teaching myself to sew, my opportunities were endless. In 2018 I won first place in the Master's category at our local ComicCon's costume contest with my How to Train Your Dragon cosplay. The year before I created a Princess Serenity costume lit with over a thousand lights. This year's costume is looking to be just as epic. Please check out my Instagram to see more of my creations!


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